A Solar industry information Chatbot System with an additonal secure project, document & info management system for project collaboration

version 1.0. SolarChats is ongoing AI research you may participate as a member of the public.
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SolarChats: Your Home Solar AI Expert Team!

Have you ever considered harnessing the power of the sun for your home? It's an exciting thought, and SolarChats is here to be your trusted companion throughout your solar journey.

What SolarChats offers:

  • Solar-savvy AI chatbots: These are your mini solar experts, ready to field your queries about everything from solar panel costs to installation and financing.
    • Diverse chatbot personalities: Each one is a specialist in areas like solar technology, installation, and financing.
    • AI assistance tailored to every phase of your solar adoption journey:
      • Research chats with our experts can evolve into detailed Memos and comprehensive Spreadsheets.
        • Unsure about technical terms? Our automated voice-to-text feature during AI chats has got you covered.
    • Need a Memo rephrased or spellchecked? The WriterEditorBot is at your service to refine and adapt your Memos to different styles upon request.
    • For in-depth explanations of a published Memo's contents, the MemoBot is ready to assist.
    • When it comes to Spreadsheets, the SpreadsheetEditorBot can help you craft formulas and enhance your spreadsheet tools.
    • And if you need guidance on using a custom-created Spreadsheet tool, the SpreadsheetBot is there to explain.
  • Your project headquarters: Think of it as a vault for all your solar research – a place where you can store rich media Memos with embedded files, videos, and PDFs, all gathered while interacting with our AI bots.
  • Our platform supports rich media documents, akin to those created in MS Word, complete with a suitable editor.
  • Our Spreadsheets boast functionalities similar to MS Excel, enriched with media capabilities and the support of a SpreadSheetEditorBot.
  • All your creations remain private and secure online, accessible from anywhere, with robust modern security measures and a strict no social media sharing policy.
  • Family teamwork: Solar energy is a family affair! With free accounts, your entire household can partake in the solar journey.
  • Start a project, invite family members, and collaborate on your solar transition. Our AI bots are well-versed in all things solar, from tech selection to installation and financing.
  • Our AI is designed to ensure you grasp the essentials, guaranteeing a smooth transition to solar with no surprises, just satisfaction.
  • Encounter unfamiliar terms? Just ask the chatbot, MemoBot, or SpreadsheetBot for an explanation. They're programmed to patiently rephrase and clarify until you fully understand.
  • Pro power-up: If you need professional assistance, invite real-life solar installers to your project space. Use our tools to generate custom instructions and ensure they're on the same page.

Envision SolarChats as your AI-powered team, dedicated to ensuring your solar project's success!

SolarChats is designed to help you comprehend, plan, and execute your home solar project seamlessly, with a team of expert AI bots to guide and support you every step of the way.

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